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Web design for service champions: customer magnet instead of business card

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In the digital arena, expectations of service companies are rising rapidly. If you want to become not just a service provider, but a service champion, you have to be particularly convincing online. The web presence is often the most important beacon of an outstanding customer journey - and shapes your customers' experience at every stage.

As a full-service agency, we know the secrets of outstanding websites and engaging digital customer experiences. With a team of experienced experts in UX, UI, web design, PPC and SEO, we make the right adjustments to turn your online presence into a magnet for new and old customers.

5 steps to becoming a digital service champion

  1. Strategy discussion

    In our introductory strategy meeting, we identify your challenges and, based on your goals, develop a tailor-made strategy for sustainable success in the digital world.

  2. Market research and discovery

    In this phase, we dive deep into your environment. We analyze the market environment, strengths and weaknesses of the participants, gain a clear picture of the target group and derive all relevant to-dos for our collaboration. This ensures that we pull in the right direction right from the start.

  3. Quotation

    After the discovery phase, we present you with a detailed offer and define the framework for the collaboration by drawing up the contracts.

  4. Onboarding - specifications - implementation

    Together, we define the coordinates for the collaboration with milestones, delivery dates and responsibilities and set course for project success. Structured onboarding not only creates transparency, but also ensures efficient work in line with actual requirements.

  5. Project tracking and maintenance

    After the launch, we continuously monitor the success of your project. By continuously monitoring predefined parameters, we ensure that your new web presence remains the digital beacon of your success as a service champion in the future.

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Our projects in focus

References & Use Cases

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Westschweiz Customs

Im Rahmen eines Website-Relaunches haben wir das WooCommerce-System von Westschweiz Customs an die Bedürfnisse der Tuning-Firma angepasst und ein maßgeschneidertes Produktmanagement-System entwickelt. Die nahtlose Integration von Digitalvertrieb und Produktverwaltung ermöglicht effizientere Prozesse und einen mühelosen Bestellprozess für unsere anspruchsvollen Kunden

Brasserie La Marmotte

Für die Brasserie La Marmotte haben wir eine massgeschneiderte Shoplösung entwickelt, die es ermöglicht, alle verschiedenen Marken unter einem Dach zu präsentieren. Mit unserem innovativen Ansatz können Kunden jetzt bequem und einfach alle Produkte der Brasserie La Marmotte in einem einzigen Online-Shop finden und kaufen.

Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir dazu beitragen konnten, das Einkaufserlebnis für die Kunden zu verbessern und die Markenpräsenz der Brasserie La Marmotte zu stärken.

Kolumbien Entdecken

Für haben wir eine neue Website entwickelt, die nicht nur als digitaler Reiseführer für das südamerikanische Land, sondern auch als digitaler Vertriebskanal für Kolumbien reisen fungiert.

Zusätzlich haben wir die Facebook- und LinkedIn-Seiten für eine nahtlose und konsistente Customer Experience an die neue Website angepasst.

webDev4u: For the service champions of today and tomorrow.

THEREFORE webdev4u

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At webdev4u, everything revolves around your success in the digital world. A team of experienced experts in web and UX/UI design, marketing and SEO will transform your website into a customer magnet and conversion machine, making it a fundamental part of your digital success.

webDev4u: Your partner for digital excellence.

As a service company, attention and visibility are not even half the battle. Companies need to take potential customers on a journey to convince them. That’s why we take a holistic approach to every project and create personalized digital experiences that turn potential customers into loyal brand ambassadors.

In a world of ubiquitous availability, a competitor is always just a swipe away. That’s why we create unique digital experiences that your customers will remember.

Make the difference: stand out from the competition with customized websites and tailor-made campaigns and join us on the path to becoming the service champions of today and tomorrow.

Ready for the next step? We are too.

Whether it’s a new website for your start-up or a digital relaunch for a medium-sized company. We look forward to getting to know your challenges.